Integration Services

Sentry Interlocks offers an integration service that makes the implementation of the EZ ModLock solution even easier and quicker. The EZ ModLock Modules and power supplies can be mounted in any commercially available enclosure before shipping. The End User would simply have to mount the enclosure to the substrate and attach the Cat 5/6 cabling and low voltage wiring for the Door Accessories. Once the final door interlocking scheme is determined, Sentry Interlocks can work with the End User to best determine the location of the enclosure, the size of the enclosure used and which EZ ModLock Modules are preinstalled in each enclosure.


  • Any NEMA rated enclosure is available including plastic, steel and stainless steel
  • The EZ ModLock Modules and Power Supplies will be positioned to provide optimal access to all wiring connections
  • Threaded conduit connections will be furnished for routing Cat 5/6 cables and low voltage electrical wiring into the enclosure. The supply and installation of Cat 5/6 cables and low voltage wiring is the responsibility of the End User
  • The 110VAC Power Cords will exit the bottom of each enclosure using water-tight cord grips

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