The EZ ModLock family of door interlocking products makes the design, implementation and field adjustment of your door interlock system quick and easy. The Module design incorporates all aspects of door interlocking technology. The only component required is an EZ ModLock Module and the associated Door hardware (fail-safe lock, door position switch, indicator lights and pushbuttons). The Modules even ship pre-programmed to a customer’s locking scheme. Installation is easy with the use of plug & play cables and a minimum number of components to wire up. Various interlocking logics are easily set in the field by simply adjusting the DIP switches located on the rear of every Module.

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Door Interlock Accessories supplement the EZ ModLock Modules by providing visual indication and control next to each door. The LED Indicators provide visible indication of the door lock status. The stainless steel pushbutton (P/B) can serve as an Emergency Override (EO) switch or as a single door release. The red mushroom pushbutton provides an easily accessible and visible Emergency Override switch.

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Sentry Interlocks offers an integration service that makes the implementation of the EZ ModLock solution even easier and quicker. The EZ ModLock Modules and power supplies can be mounted in any commercially available enclosure before shipping.

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