EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer

The solution for “mantraps” which require time delays and/or normally locked manual doors to be unlocked.

Product Specifications

Part Number EZMLMDTA1
Power Requirements 24VDC, 1.5 amps
Power Supply UL Listed, 90-264VAC to 24VDC, 47-63Hz, 1.5A
Module Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.75" x 6.3" x 1.5" (95 x 160 x 38mm)
Module Material Plastic with integrated mounting ears
Connections Door 1 and Door 2: Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connector
Communication 1: Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connector
Communication 2: Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connector
Removable Terminal Strip: 14 screw terminal strip on top and qty 2-3 screw terminal strip on bottom
BMS: Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connector
LED Indicators Door status, electric lock status, door indicator status
Number of Doors Connected/Managed 2/2 (an additional four EZ ModLock – Multi Door Basic, Multi Door Access and Multi Door Timer modules allow up to 10 doors to be managed)
Door Opening Logic L1, L2, L3 (L4 is available as a custom adder)
Door Opening Logic Programming Qty 8 DIP switches
Door Initial State Normally unlocked / Normally locked
Automated Door Management Possible with custom software
Power Supply for Door Opening Accessories 24VDC supplied via terminal strip
Opening With Recovery Time Yes
Different Recovery Times of 2 or More Doors Yes
Recovery Time Programming 2 settable rotary switches, 0-60 seconds in 5 second increments
Warranty 2 year limited warranty

Product Description

  • EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer module provides a solution for “mantraps” which require time delays and/or normally locked manual doors to be unlocked by simple push buttons, wave sensors or access control devices such as card swipe, badge readers, numeric keypad, etc.
  • Besides the time delay it is also possible to activate a blower or UV lamps by low voltage piloting relays for the same duration of the time delay set. 
  • EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer can manage manual swing doors, manual sliding doors, air showers, dynamic Pass Throughs.
  • The interactive LEDs on the module indicate real-time door status, electric lock status as well as the door indicator status. The EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer module can manage any 24VDC failsafe electric lock and can interlock automatic doors from any vendor.
  • A single EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer  module can manage 2 doors but is part of a modular system in which 4 additional modules can be connected to manage a complex “mantrap” of up to 10 doors. 
  • Eight DIP switches are located on the rear of the module and are used to control the door logic. There is a chart that illustrates to the installer how to set the Master–Slave logic in the case of multiple interlocking door applications. 
  • The key features of the EZ ModLock – Multi Door Timer module are the “mantraps” interlocking with a settable time delay as well as the interlocking of manual doors with access control devices. Installers, through the DIP switch configuration can easily assign proprieties (whether the door has time delay or normally locked manual door with access control device) to the doors. 
  • The wiring of any type of access control device having a dry contact output, and the wiring of any HVAC motor or UV lamp activated with a time delay is performed by landing wires on the removable terminal blocks on the module. 
  • A unique feature of the EZ Modlock – Multi Door Timer are the settable double rotary timer switches for controlling the time delay setting. The two doors being managed can be set with different delay times if desired. 
  • Every module ships with 2 dry contact relay outputs that replicate door status and can be connected to the digital inputs of a Building Management System (BMS) for the monitoring and analysis of door operations.

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